January 13, 2011

Album Doi Canh - Khoi My in TRON-ed

    Finally, " DOI CANH" Project has released after almost 2 weeks working hard ^^
       The first single album of Khoi My is released by MV Productions and exclusively online on Mp3.zing.vn. In this album, Khoi My shows to audience that she earned more experiences after 3 years working as a singer role and a MC. She also has abandoned "Teen" style to become a girl who has strong personality. All songs in this album are composed by Hoang Rapper and designed by me.

Excutive Producer: Bùi Chí Tâm.
Produced by MV Productions.
Composed by Hoàng Rapper, Khởi My.
Arranged by Trần Kim Phước, Nguyễn Đình Vũ, MV Productions.
Recorded & Mixed by Nguyễn Hoàng Duy, Phúc Trường, Liêu Hưng, Hoài Phi.
Background Vocal & Rap by Khởi My, Hoàng Rapper.
Script: Hoàng Rapper.
Director: Khương Duy.
Cameraman: Minh Thái.
Video editor: Raymond Tu.
Designed by Hưng Phạm.
Stylist by Tou Nguyễn.
Makeup & Hair: Stephen Lee.
Costume: Pink Mafia shop, Sam Boutique, Cookie Girl shop.
Responsible for Publishing: NS Lương Dũng.
License No.: 282-2010/CXB/186/3-53/ÂN

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