December 5, 2010

Album Cao Got

   Album" Cao Got" released by MV Productions and exclusively online on 
( the best music site in Viet Nam) . Album " Cao Got" brings real emotion to the audience to help them sympathize and understand about life, work and love of the" long legs". Special is the participation of Miss, Model, supermodel best known today. They always try their best to achieve their dream that they not only perform on catwalk but they also can sing. All songs of the album are composed by composer, singer Hoang Rapper, recorded by Nhat Dang Studio and designed by

Excutive producer: Bùi Chí Tâm
Produced by: MV Productions
Composed by: Hoàng Rapper
Arranged by: Trần Kim Phước, MV Productions
Recorded & Mixed by: Nhật Đăng Studio, WMA Studio
Background vocal & Rap: Nhật Đăng, Hoàng Rapper
Photo by: Khương Duy, Quốc Huy, ProK, Leciel, Trọng Đức.
Stylist by: Tou Nguyễn
Makeup & Hair: Stephen Lee, Quyên Airtist
Designed by: HungPham
Responsible for publishing: NS Lương Dũng.
License No.: 198/QĐXB-ÂN/10