November 20, 2010

Exciting Christmas

  Yeah!!!Christmas is coming. Are you ready for Christmas? Refreshing your computer by changing a new desktop wallpaper to be prepared for an exciting Christmas. And don't forget tell me what color do you like on Christmas.
Here are 6 versions, click on the link which is your favorite color :
Red Christmas:
Blue Christmas:
Pink Christmas:
Green Christmas:
Cyan Christmas:
Violet Christmas:
Enjoy all.



List Sign Manufacturing Project.

Client: Lit Sign Manufacturing.

Lit Sign Manufacturing, located in Renton, Washington, specializes in all types of channel letters. When it comes to fabrication of channel letters, noboby comes close to the productivity, quality, or reliability offered by Lit Sign Manufacturing.

November 11, 2010

CD Ai Trinh Vol.1- Loi Nguyen Tram

Click Here To Listen to Her Album:

"Loi Nguyen Tram" The first single album of Ai Trinh. She's a musical teacher and a catholic singer. She has a special deep and low singing voice. That's why she chose "Loi Nguyen Tram" as a title of the CD. Though she choose all songs that are familiar to perform in this CD, but she was very creative by using her special deep singing voice including modern accompany technical. She's already prepared for her second single album  that will publish early next year.