Design8 Number 4, with the topic Photo Manipulation, has the specialty of meeting designer Hung Pham on December 17th, 2011. We got to meet and talk with the designer about his designs and answered some questions for those who are interested in design. Even though the audience was tried to be kept small, but the room was full of those who know and love the work of Hung Pham and love Photo Manipulation.

After three different programs, Design8 Number 4 continues to bring those who love design a talk show full of enthusiasm. With the coordination of, FPT Arena, with sponsors from VTC Academy, Kevframe, the program is becoming a great resource for those who wish to be future designers.
Those who showed up to the program were faithful lovers of Photo Manipulation, and they were so thrilled to hear Hung Pham shared his personal accomplishments and how he achieved those. Hung Pham shared not only about his work, but added on what his secrets to accomplishing them were for the audience. Even more special, the audience got to create a design from scratch along with Hung Pham.

 With the inspiration from small games like " Finding Stock", it helped the audience imagined pleasantly when designing Photo Manipulation. Hung Pham with the audience made a project right on the stage, the deal was to make the deadline for a customer in a timely fashion. The audience and Hung Pham had five minutes. From role playing games like these, the audience got to understand more about Photo Manipulation and Hung Pham. A design of Photo Manipulation that was done right there on stage using Cinema4D and Photoshop, Hung Pham has made the audience very excited. Every detail that was important when designing was shared by Hung Pham, and he gave a very spectacular tutorial. More surprisingly, Artwork “Design8- Photo Manipulation” that he has guided the audience was also reviewed by Advanced Photoshop a news journal from Germany, and they want to publish it within the next month.

VTC6 phỏng vấn Hưng Phạm

Nhiệt tình chia sẻ

Tranh thủ ghi lại những cái hay..

Khán phòng đã quá tải

Trải nghiệm quy trình làm việc với game Tìm Stock

Tham gia làm việc nhóm với Hưng Phạm – một project thật sự do chương trình ra thử thách

Tutorial hướng dẫn được khán giả thích nhất

Anh Bùi Chí Tâm (MV Production) chia sẻ về Hưng Phạm

Chi Tam – director of MV Production came to share with Hung Pham : “ I can see that his creativity is infinite. I am very pleased with Hung’s designs for MV Production…” Besides that, Hung’s friends and special guests like Phuong Binh, Colory Group, Nhut Nguyen… also came to congratulate Hung Pham and discover more about the world of Photo Manipulation.

Hăng say chia sẻ với Hưng Phạm

Đại diện VTC Academy (bìa trái), Nhựt Nguyễn, Colory cùng nhiều khách mời đặc biệt đến chung vui

Nhóm RGB, Colory, anh Phương Bình, Nhựt Nguyễn chụp hình lưu niệm cùng Hưng Phạm

Tiết mục không thể thiếu của RGB sau mỗi chương trình


Video giới thiệu Hưng Phạm:
YouTube Preview Image

Showreel những tác phẩm Photo Manipulation đặc sắc của Hưng Phạm:
YouTube Preview Image

Showreel những tác phẩm Motion Graphic đặc sắc của Hưng Phạm:
YouTube Preview Image

A talk show specially made for designers, Design8 not only is a place to meet  those who are young and talented, but also a place to share ideas and creativity. It brings more excitement and also inspiration for professional development in the field of multimedia.

You can see more pictures of the program at FanPageRGB

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