November 8, 2010

2009 Collection

Cats Group is a multimedia graphic design group.I used to be a part in this group. This picture was designed for homepage of the website. But now, they stop working together because moving to different companies. However, I still like to work with a team.

.Merry Christmas. This picture was designed on Christmas 2009 with 2 different color tone. Warm and Cold.

After watching Transformer 2 .It was soo kool movie. Just want to make something like that. ^^

I got him from and gave power for him. Almost using screen mode.

In the early day working with Cinema4D. I was sooo exicted with him.

Testing 3D mode in CS4 Extended.

Making my own logo in Cinema 4D.

Happy colors. Happy life.

I designed this picture as a present for my choir. Happy Cecilia Choir 32nd Anniversary.

Merry Christmas 2009

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